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Improvements, Updates, and Renovations can Change Your Insurance

touch screen computerOur homeowner and condominium owner clients take great pride in their homes and communities. All over our region, they make investments in the beauty and livability of their respective homes. When you make a renovation or an update to your home, do you check with your insurance agent?

Improvements Can Lower Premiums – Making changes to your home that reduce the chances of damage and loss can change how much you pay in premiums. Your choice of roofing may lower the risk of wind damage. Updating electric may lower the chance of fire. Plumbing updates can work to prevent flooding. Many carriers offer discounts for security systems. These can all be factors for the rates you pay for insurance.

Increasing Your Home’s Value – If your home improvements have substantially raised the value of your home, it is prudent to have your insurance agent review your coverage. That new kitchen, new addition or wonderful home theater should be covered just like the older features of your home.

When reviewing your coverage, consider the difference in the cost of actually restoring your home may have gone up (see our blog Insurance and Replacement Cost) and your coverage should reflect that. Our team at O’Connor Insurance Agency recommends periodic review of your coverage so that you know your family will be made whole should there be a loss.

Your independent insurance agents at the O’Connor Insurance Agency are interested in helping you get the best value for the coverage you need. Please contact one of our independent insurance agents at 314-434-0038.

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