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Improvements, Updates, and Renovations can Change Your Insurance

Our homeowner and condominium owner clients take great pride in their homes and communities. All over our region, they make investments in the beauty and livability of their respective homes. When you make a renovation or an update to your home, do you check with your insurance

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Prevent Roof Leaks By Preventing Ice Dams

The icicles that hang from the edge of your roof may be pretty, but they could also be an indication of a serious problem with the roof of your building. Ice dams form at or near the edge of roof decks when melting snow and ice collect

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Criminal Minds

Do not be the victim of a false sense of security just because your community has Fidelity coverage. Community associations are non-profit organizations governed by volunteers, therefore they need unique coverages. Take a closer look at your Fidelity policy.

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Condominium Master Policy Basics

If you own a condominium, or are a member of the condominium association board, you may have heard of the master policy. The master policy provides liability protection and covers the real property of the condominium buildings. In the event of a fire, storm, or other loss,

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