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Making Life Easier for Condo and Homeowner Association Boards

We at O’Connor Insurance salute the volunteers and professionals who work to keep our communities safe, peaceful and well managed. When it comes to insurance issues for communities, we want to make your important work easier. Here are five ways we help you:

How exactly does the Master Insurance Program work? O’Connor Insurance will meet face to face at your board meeting to explain details of your Master Policy.
Our owners want to save money by coordinating their policies with the Master Policy. What does that mean, and how is it done? This is explained in our annual mailing to owners, and you can schedule a presentation from O’Connor Insurance for your annual meeting. Our experts will explain to your owners the best way to coordinate their individual policies with the Master Policy.
Our Master Policy deductible is substantial – is there anything we can do? Yes, Often the Master Policy deductible can be covered by the unit owner’s personal insurance policy. Our agents at O’Connor Insurance will show you how.
Who pays the Master Policy deductible? Before a loss, O’Connor Insurance will assist the Board in adopting a claim procedure which clearly states who is responsible for the Master Policy deductible.
Our mortgage company wants a Certificate of Property Insurance. On this website you can Request a Certificate of Property Insurance for Mortgagee. You can also call us, email us, or send us a fax. We’ll get it right back to you.