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O’Connor Insurance Agency Serving on MAIA “Committee of the Year”

MAIA Committee of the YearO’Connor Insurance Agency believes in serving our community. One of our activities is to work with other members of the insurance industry through our membership in the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents.

On behalf of our agency, Karen O’Connor serves on the Coverage Advisory committee. This committee develops means, methods, and recommendations to make various aspects of insurance coverage as easy to understand as possible for our customers. The committee is tasked with writing articles on topics helping insurance agents better serve their customers.

This year the Coverage Advisory committee was recognized for their efforts:

“It’s because of their efforts that many changes in standardized policies have been made making policies more understandable and sufficiently protecting the consumer. The committee members also stand at the ready to assist other MAIA members should a puzzling coverage question arise.”

“I am honored to announce the Coverage Advisory Committee, as the winner of the 2015 Committee of the Year Award.”

The O’Connor Insurance Agency is grateful for the recognition from our peers, and we look forward to future opportunities to help our customers understand important details of their coverage.

Congratulations as well to other members of the Coverage Advisory Committee:

Jack Chapman – Chairman
Sam Bennett
Dawn Oney
Daniel Rogers
Tim Wahl
David Walker

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