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February 2016 Green Energy Report

Carbon_Offset_Feb-16O’Connor Insurance was an early participant in the Green Power Community Challenge. Each month we post our carbon offset results from our solar energy array on our headquarters in Creve Coeur.

We are proud to be doing our part to make Creve Coeur one of the leading communities nationwide in deriving our power from renewable resources.

This month, our carbon offset is 1049 lbs. We have offset the equivalent of 12 trees.

Thanks to our solar vendor, Microgrid Solar, for the photo.

February Energy Tip –  When Buying an Appliance – Check BOTH Price Tags.

In addition to the cost up-front of an appliance, the yearly energy cost of an appliance should be considered into he total cost. Look for the Energy Star label for best in class efficiency and read the Energyguide tag to get an estimate as to how much energy for that appliance will cost. You may find out that more expensive dishwasher is actually cheaper than the cheap one!

For more, read Tips: Shopping for Appliances on