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Business Insurance

O’Connor Insurance can help you protect your business. Commercial enterprises provide important goods and services to our community. The independent agents of O’Connor Insurance Agency want to make sure you are covered and can continue to support all the employees and customers that depend on you.

Property and Casualty
Property and casualty insurance protects the physical property of your business – building and contents – against common causes of loss such as fire, theft, accident and injury or natural disasters. The details of property and casualty coverage vary a great deal, and there are many products that can be added to customize a risk management plan well-suited for your business.

Business liability insurance provides coverage in the event your team is sued in relation to the work you do. Coverage includes legal and settlement costs associated with a lawsuit.

Commercial Auto Insurance
If you have company-owned vehicles, commercial automobile insurance is needed to protect your fleet against accidents and loss.

Workman’s Comp
Providing for employees in the event of injury or death while on the job is the role of workman’s compensation insurance. Coverage is usually mandated by state law.

Business Interruption Insurance
Insuring against interruption allows your business to weather the loss of revenue after a loss. While property and casualty cover physical losses, business interruption insurance can cover the losses to your bottom line while rebuilding.

Business Continuation
Protecting your company from the loss of a key employee is the role of business continuation insurance. This coverage is a form of death and disability insurance. It provides compensation for loss of revenue while your company works to recover after the death or incapacity of a critical member of your team. Proceeds can be used to buy shares of a company from the estate of a business partner or investor.

Health Insurance
Providing health insurance is a key component of the compensation package you provide your employees. Choosing the right plan to meet the expectation of your staff as well as your company budget is critical to a responsible bottom line.

Choosing the right mix of business insurance coverage is a crucial decision for the financial health of your enterprise. The independent agents of O’Connor Insurance are skilled at identifying those areas of protection you need and creating a policy that fits your budget.